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Onsite Ancillary Services at the Toledo Clinic

You do not have to leave the Toledo Clinic facility for tests, lab work, X-rays, physical therapy or prescriptions.

The Toledo Clinic provides ancillary on-site services to support your treatment and recovery. Radiology, outpatient surgery, lab work, physical therapy and pharmacy services are all offered on-site, so patients do not have to go to another medical facility for out-patient pre-surgical testing, X-rays or other services.



Out Patient Surgery Center


Physical Therapy




OnSite Pharmacy

Backed by advanced systems, technical excellence, comprehensive coordinated care, and personal concern for each patient, Dr Smith meets all problems of the foot and ankle with leading-edge capabilities, the highest degree of skill and experience, and a laser focus on long-term results that has earned the trust of thousands of patients and their doctors.

If you have foot or ankle pain, discomfort or distress that is affecting your quality of life, your ability to move normally or your overall well-being, contact the Toledo Clinic Department of Podiatry Foot and Ankle Surgery, Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan’s premier center for foot and ankle care excellence. Focused, leading-edge, care – with compassion.

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